Tuna Croquettes

Years and YEARS ago my Mema made salmon croquettes.  I'm told they were a family favorite. I wouldn't have a clue about that.  I hate salmon and tuna with a white hot passion.

 My brother agrees with me on the salmon but loves tuna so tonight's dinner is  Memas croquettes. Tuna style.

The difference in these from other croquettes is the binder. The binders are the traditional bread crumbs and a cooled white sauce.

The result is a crunchy outside and tender inside.  Well at least Memas were. Mine...... Well they are cumbly and over cooked. Waaaaaa!

The brother ate them all.  Said they were real good. If he is happy I am happy.

My own intention is to make them as well as I can.  Tonight's tuna was served with a chopped tomato salad.

A little more practice and I'll catch up with our Mema.  Charles won't mind the extra batches. He will eat thel all! Lol!


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