Worrysome Ladybug

In the last few months our Ladybug has become a cuddle bug. Since I was in the hospital it has escalated. 

As I mentioned, earlier this week just being on the other side of a closed door freaked her out.  Tonight it happened again.

I spilled something on the floor.  I did not want the dogs in it.  I sent Trixie out of the room without any problem but Lady refused to leave.  REFUSED!

I went to pick her up and put her out.  She flopped. Would not stand.  She was just dead weight.  Finally I got her out.

I cleaned up then let the dogs back in.  Lady acted as if she had not seen me in a month! It worries me a good deal.

Does anyone recognize this behavior? I would say it is separation anxiety.  But she's very seldom left alone.  I am here 99% of the time.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


jobabs said…
I have two Maltese but they couldn't be more different in personalities. On prefers to gaze lovingly at me while the other has to be right in my face. While they both (obviously) adore me, Tootie my little girl acts like I have left the planet for eons if I just go to the mailbox. While Buttons my male is content to make sure I'm in safe and sound. I really think with your precious lady it's just her personality changes as she as begun aging, but then again I'm no Ceasar so it's just my take on it. Hugs, Babs (jobabs)
Mercy Toshach said…
I hope ur right. thanks Jobabs!

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