Yesterday was another doctor day. (no surgery) We saw a much older couple as we went into the office.  

He helped her into a wheel chair.  She smiled and thanked him sweetly.  

I was called into the exam room.  Things got complicated quickly.  (More x-rays and medicine adjustments) I completely forgot the gentle scene out side.

When the x-rays had been read it was determined they needed to be done again.  I encountered the couple again as I sat in the radiology department.  For the second time.

The old gentleman had a cheesy sense of humor.  It didn't seem to bother his lady.  In fact it seemed to be just her cup of tea.

If he said anything even remotely funny she responded with an unbridled giggle.  Occasionally Old Dude got just a little racy.  Those times she turned fourteen  shades of pink.  Her giggle transformed into a rich chuckle that clearly said 'your such a baaaad man!' 

The nurse whisked me away for my x-rays.  I got involved again in things that weren't going well (no fault of the surgeon) and didn't think of him and her again.  

By the time I left the doctors office I was completely ticked off.  I had to now go to my family medicine clinic to get tests and adjusted prescriptions. Wonder of wonders this visit got complicated too.

I left so mad I could chew nails and spit rust.  Then I dumped it all on Charles.  Then he was mad too.

When he dropped me at home I was frustrated and exhausted.  I crashed and fell instantly into dreaming.  

Her giggle.  His cheesy jokes.  Her deeply pink chuckle.  I awoke feeling much, much, MUCH better.

Things look much sunnier.  I realized that while aggravating, things could be so much worse.

Charles found us a lovely apartment in an area I enjoy very much.  The town is just right.  Despite the frustration at this time most of my doctors are skilled and caring.

After talking about this with the brother I think we both had a tiny little giggle.



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