bandana napkins

We moved to eastern North Carolina almost 2 years ago.  We love it!

We moved from a tiny little mobile home to a larger apartment.  One of the best things is we now have a dedicated dining room.

I learned a surprising thing about my brother.  Charles prefers to eat at the table.  Every meal.  It is so nice.

I have, however, the clumsiest hands ever. I was breaking dishes on an almost daily basis.  To fix this I bought melamine (plastic) dishes.  The prettiest I could find.

This is the cranberry Temptations melamine dishes.  I also have this pattern in black.
Fish sammie on my pretty dishes

The table was setting very nicely until i used paper towel as a napkin.

So I started researching cloth napkins.  yikes!  They start at $6.00 each and go to $30.00.

Even at $6.00 I was not doing that.  So I started looking at an idea I had seen online.  Bandana's.  They come in countless colors. Machine wash and dry.  And IF you get them out if the dryer before they go  cold they don't need ironing!

These are the colors that go best on my table!  


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