Sad Table, Guilty Me

Several weeks ago, while I was still learning to drive this chair with my left hand, I crashed and burned.  Well, broke not burned,

Charles has a lovely set of  occasional furniture.  It was designed as a landing place for your small things as you came in the front door.

A beautiful mirror and a half round 3-legged table.  It WAS 3-legged anyway.  Yes I broke it.

Couldn't stop before it took off the foremost front leg.  I finally came to a stop and the bottom of the turned legs  came off in my hand!

Today I got tired of looking at it.  I grabbed the 
Gorilla glue and the furniture clamps.  Oh wait. . . I don't have any furniture clamps!   

Time to channle my inner Mcgiver. I couldn't find anything to use as a clamp in our tool closet.  As good, creative woman, I check my closet.  I have a grey leather purse with a removeable shoulder strap.

Ah! Ha! Instant clamp!  Hope this works!


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