Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning.  I have had my coffee so I am feeling less and less like one of Cinderella's wicked step sisters. Evileen and Evilett. 

I have just finished singing to our dogs. (they are the only critters on earth that like my singing voice.)  Trixie especially enjoys the daily serenade.   

When I start to sing Trixie comes running. With her head buried in my chest and her other end wagging like crazy she will stay there til I stop singing.

Lady prefers a concert just for her.  As I sing softly she rolls over for a tummy rub.  In the evening this combo will have Lady asleep.  After a private serenade she will fall asleep with all four legs in the air!

Once Lady has met with the sand man Trixie will settle on my chest for her own sleepy concert. Soon we are all asleep.  Together in this warm pile of unconditional love.  


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