The neatest thing

I have been meaning to tell you about something I saw on tv a while back.  I was watching one of those remodeling or decorating shows. I don't remember which.

In this program the homeowners were particular about green products.  Something I like too.

What caught my interest were the reclaimed floors. They had come from an old cotton mill in a small town on the southern edge of the Virgina border.

Hmm?  You know I used to live in a small town in that area.  There was an old cotton mill where I used to work.  No, surely it can't be the same mill.

The host went on to explain the town and the mill had been name for the river that ran through the area.  The Dan river.

Well I'll be.  I lived in DANville Va and worked in the DAN River Mills.  As an employee there I did a lot of roaming around those old buildings.

How neat!  I hope the new owners of those floors don't mind the shadow of my foot steps.


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