Pesto day!!!

                            PESTO DAY!!!

Every so often during the summer I have had a pesto day.  Yesterday was one such day.

I filled a 5 quart bowl full to over flowing with fresh picked basil.  Basil washed and dried pesto was not far away.

Fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, walnuts and grated Parmesan.  Then just blend it into 3 cups of pesto.

How do you keep 3 cups of pesto?  Easy.  Freeze it.  NOW!!

Fill each section of a large silicone muffin pan, this one holds 1/2 cup in each.  Move the pan quickly to the freezer.  You want it to freeze before it has a chance to turn brown.

I tried this in metal muffin pans. It was a disaster!  I ended up using a knife to pry the frozen hockey pucks out.  

I probably should have had stitches that day.

With the silicone you just pop them out.  Easy peasy.
Seal the frozen sections in a gallon bag.

Thaw what you need when you need it.    It will last us all winter. 


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