fruit flies YUCK!!

The last few weeks we have been battling fruit flies.  A friend with good intentions shared the bounty from his garden.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and squash of all description. He also brought a big cabbage.  This cabbage turned out to be the host to gazillion fruit flies.

Every move we made in the kitchen set off swarms of these tiny creatures.  We fought them for weeks.  Nothing worked.  

Then we remembered the cure for our last infestation. Fly paper.  Those old timey little canisters that held long ribbons of fly paper. 

Hang them in the effected area.  The little buggies land and are stuck.  Our infestation was so bad it took several days and as many strips to correct the problem.

On a preventative note I have discovered these little pests like garbage as well as fruit.  In an effort to keep the trash can unattractive to the flies I have had to tie up anything they might like in a separate bag.  Peels, bones, plate scrapings anything they can eat.  Nothing to eat, the flies move on.

100 percent biodegradable

I am using the bags I use to clean up after dogs.  If you know what I mean.  I buy them in bulk so they are very inexpensive. (on eBay 1000 for $18.00) Another benefit is they are 100 percent biodegradable.

These little pooper scooper bags are made of cellulose and corn starch.  Good for the landfill.   The come in lots of colors too. Match your kitchen!

I am hoping these measures keep us pest free for a long while!



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