Mushrooms: Uninvited but very welcome

We have talked a few times about my mushroom gardens.  Most recently a post called 'Pagan ritual in the sink'.

Jasmine of Back to the Roots, where I get all my gardens, recently sent me a sample of their new product.  

In the new product they have replaced the recycled coffee grounds in the growing medium with recycled plant trimmings.  100% organic, sustainable and recyclable.

Notice me NOW!!!

When I received my new garden I already had 2 going.  I decided to wait a while before starting the new one.  My new little garden got impatient.

It had not been prepared or tended in any way  .  It just jumped up!

keep growing my little ones!
 When I opened the box to have a closer look, it was clear that these escapees were not alone. There is a small army of new fungi trying to escape into my kitchen!

Mushroom bacon hot dogs to night!!!!


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