Saturday night dinner at Memas House.

I know the secret to time travel.  There is only one part.  However it is the most difficult thing to harness.  The power of a food memory.

We had our maternal grandmother's deviled crab tonight.  Even before we sat down to eat, with the smell of warm seafood, I found myself in my Memas tiny little kitchen in Atlanta Ga.

When we did sit down to eat we were in the dining room I grew up in.  With the dining set that is now in my Moms kitchen.

The deviled crab baked in scollop shells just like she did.  (Who knew you get those things on eBay?)  The hush puppies are a little different.  The batter is very close to Memas.  She would have fried them to a golden turn.  Instead I baked them in a mini muffin pan.  Charles ate them up!

I didn't have enough dill pickles to make the tartar sauce the way our mom does.  It wasn't bad though.

See!  I have cracked it.  Harness the power of food memories and you can go to any place and time in you memory.  What fun!


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