Pizza perfection annd upload problems

For the last couple days I have been having trouble uploading my photos.  That is a problem because I have some great photos of lunch I want to share.

Chloe and I went to lunch at Marabellas.  Fabulous pizza.  Great wings.  Above all great people.

Food was lovely. Our service was fast and friendly.  

We went to Marabellas on Evans street In Greenville NC.

Samantha was our server (I have a loverly picture of her. If I can figure out the upload!)

She was gracious and knowledgeable.  Diningroom was clean, cheerful and bright.  I know we will enjoy our next visit as much as this one.  

By the way, we had the 18 inch White Pizza.  OH! MY! GOOOODNESS!!  Three cheeses on a crispy crust.  Happy Happy!!

Pictures to follow as soon as humanly possible!  


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