Cuddle time?

Most of you know by now that Lady is a rescue.  Abused and abandoned at a young age she has developed a few quirks.

From the very first she was a cuddly kind of girl. Lady likes to cuddle with her humans and Trixie best of all but there have been some more nontraditional friends.  As she grew more comfortable in our home Lady cuddled up when ever the moment moved her.

If for instance Charles was working and Trixie and I were busy, Lady would get creative about her cuddle buddies.  She has been found sleeping with my cell phone in her bed, the TV remote clutched between her front paws.  Once I spotted her struggling to carry something huge down the hall.

By the time I caught up with her Lady was snuggled up in her bed with the biggest sweet potato I ever saw under her head.

So today as I sat on my bed doing some figures, the dreaded budget, I grabbed a pen a friend had made for me. A lovely silk flower on the top.

I left the room for a few minutes.  When I returned I was not surprised this is what I found . . .
Nite nite girlie


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