Poor Trixie!

Our rat terrier is having a recurrence of her vertigo. It hasn't gotten as bad as last time. . . Yet.

This head tilt is the first sign that this condition is reoccurring in our royal dog. Queen Trixie is weaving drunkenly as she walks.  She also often falling. 

There is little to do for this condition. The only meds are described as doggie Dramamine.  It gives the dog some welcome relief from the distressing symptoms. It is not, however, a cure. 

As we are finding out this is a condition that reoccurs.  There are side effects.  Dizziness from being so out of balance, nausea and vomiting from the dizziness.

I have been reading up on this a little. One site mentioned that there are 'triggers' that can actually cause a reoccurrence. Included are strokes, tumors, and trauma.  It can also be as simple as an infection.

All this information just means our poor Trixie feels rotten!  Think of her please! It comforts our Queen Trixie to know she has everyone's undivided attention! Hahaha!


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