Finished blanket

A few weeks ago I shared the beginning of a cotton blanket I was going to knit.  Light colored verigated cotton yarn on US # 13 needles.

It knitted up so so nicely.  It took a while but it ended up 3 feet by 4 feet.  I used a little over 800 yards double knit cotton yarn.  

As soon as I finished the final stitch I washed it in cold water on the gentle cycle.  And dried it on medium heat.  The laundering brought the stitches together just a little.  It fluffed the blanket up a good bit.

I wanted to know it would wash well be for I gave it to my brother, Charles.  I made it of cotton so Charles favorite girl, Trixie, would stay warm. But the cotton would not be so hot Charles melted away.   He is so hot natured I know the velour blankets he has been using have been burning him up.

I am so proud of the way this turned out!  I hope my friend that taught me this pattern is too!  

What do you think Alec? Is it ok?


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