70s Dinner throwback

The dehydration we talked about a few weeks ago have also flung some serious comfort food cravings on me.  The latest was stove top mac and cheese.

The quintessential 70s week night meal. Almost as fast ALMOST, as the blue box version, but my four cheese sauce makes this as comforting as that memory.

Extra sharp cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss and parmigian cheeses make this sauce so rich.  Cream sauces are rich in general so I make the sauce with a nut milk instead of dairy.  I use cashew milk in the savory sauce. Almond milk is naturally sweeter so desserts are made with that.

This substitution is undetectable and reduces fat, calories and lactose.  I love it in my grits and oat meal too.  So much richer than just making them with water.

I have added a couple cups to the water you boil the macaroni in,  enriching mac & cheese more and more.


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