Too easy

Y'all don't seem to believe me when I say this crispy chicken rub is only three ingredients. It truly is just three.

The first two parts stay the same.  1 part kosher salt and 1 part baking powder.  Now this is another thing. .  Yes I mean baking POWDER. NOT baking soda. 

In this rub I add 1/4 part of ground sage. Sage is pretty strong and any more will over power favor of the chicken.

I have done this with 5 spice powder, Italian seasoning and cumin. All these flavors can also be over powering, so tread lightly.  

It seems to be the mix of salt and baking powder that actually crisps the skin. I have not had this fail on me. 

Give it a try and let me know how you do. Have fun!


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