Strawberries for the freezer!

We make a soft serve ice cream from frozen strawberries. Our folks love it when they come.  The last couple years we missed the harvest and had to use store bought.  They were good but there is a noticeable difference in texture and flavor.

I was all decked out to pick berries this morning. Jeans and long sleeve shirt, in case of ticks.  Thick leather slippers, in case of snakes.  Turns out I didn't need to be so prepared. 

It was a lovely place . Luscious  rows of ripe strawberries and rows of backberry bushes in full bloom!    Also there was a table full of trays of strawberries. No picking needed! I bought all the trays they had. 5 of them!

I cut up a gallon for the fridge. And the rest I plan to cut the tops off and freeze whole.  Once the berries are frozen I will vacuum pack them by the quart, will be doing this again when the blue berries and blackberries come in.

LOVE these things!! Yummster


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