Lasagna! So Happy!

I haven't made lasagna in over a year.  Not to mention I have been dreaming of it for weeks. . . So last night was lasagna night!

There are so many types of Lasagna. Beef, pork, lamb and several vegetarian versions. There are even Greek versions.  I make two types.  Italian sausage is todays version.

I also make a white version. Asparagus, spring onions, mushrooms and diced chicken. All in alfredo sauce.  Very spring like.  This time of year all the ingredients are in season.  Fresh flavors where the sausage is such a warming dish.

Maybe I'll make that one day.  Today though I need to pay more attention to my plate.  Someone is pretending to be guarding it. But I think it may be in more actual danger from the guardian!

Look at Lady! The picture of innocence.  But let me tell you she is fast ad sneaky! LOL! 

This is so not good for her. So I will eat it all very quickly. For her own good of course! Lol!


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