A Mick Knit memory

Back when I knitted before I had just started to live with Charles . . . And his dogs. There was a very tiny very young Trixie girl. And there was Mick a gorgeous welsh terrier that Charles rescued just as he was about to be put down.

This was back before there were cameras in every phone and tablets in every purse. So I don't have a picture of that sweet boy.

I was hoping to heal enough to move back into my own place and go back to work in a few weeks. (We all know what they say about the best laid plans. . . Right?). So I decided to make an Afghan for the brothers couch to say 'Thanks!'.

I got a rich, soft green chenille yarn and started to knit.  Soon Mick was enthralled with the growing project. He played with the yarn and batted the needles.  But that was just the beginning!

When my afgan grew even bigger  Mick began slipping under the piece of afgan as I knitted! 

With his head on my leg Mick was tolerant of the constant turns of the project. In the beginning. Lol! As it got bigger and bigger he almost demanded I quit messing with HIS blanket! So I ended the blanket without 3/4 of the afgan.

Here it is. Mick used it and loved it every day of his life.  As you can see it is way past the expiration date. But I can't get rid of it. 

It lives in Trixies bed to this day.  It will always remind me of the sweetest little dog that just couldn't wait.


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