Mmmmmm, roast chicken!

I am so spoiled. Charles keeps me with the most luscious proteins to ever come off a grill. Recently he grilled lobster tails.  I had never eaten them before but I will eat them again! Yummster!

But every once in a while I like to keep my hand in practice.  So I will cook the protein. I like to try some techniques that are new. Last night I tried one.

I guess you can see this whole chicken is spatchcocked.  I removed the back bone and split the breast bone. This allowed the whole chicken to lay flat and cook evenly and more guickly.  This is my first time using this method. It worked so well. I will be doing it again.  

While not a new technique to me I used an addition to my rub.  Baking POWDER!  It crisps the skin like no other!

I also tucked slabs of butter under the skin. This keeps the meat juicey even while the skin released the fat in it.  So nice! 

Hope you try this soon. You will love it too! 


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