My fave!

                                                          Such a pretty sammie!

This is my very most favorite sammie.  Smoked turkey from the brothers grill, canned cranberry sauce, (don't scream I'll explain shortly), and lettuce on the stuffing bread I told you about a few posts ago.

Now I love a warm cranberry compote on warm turkey and dressing. A warm dinner deserves a warm  condiment! Well I think so anyway. Now on a cold sammie however a hot compote can be extremely over powering. 

Now that cold cylinder of congealed cranberriness is just right on a sammie. Full of flavor and color.  It tastes like a turkey dinner. A plain turkey sammie is bland, to look at and to eat. It needs a pick me up. Cranberry sauce is just that.

Well that's my thoughts on the matter anyway.  Yummster!


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