Trixies day out!

Dear Trixie had a day of dental care. Which really means she spent the day at the vets. NOT her happy place.

Trixie had Her teeth cleaned. Since she was under sedation they wanted to watch her for several hours afterward.  When she finally got home all she wanted to do was corral all her people in one place.  She missed us!

As the evening wore on Trixie had more and more trouble getting that done. So she positioned herself for optimal viewing.

From the end of the short hall outside my bedroom you can see most of the apartment. Trixie knows this. From this spot she can see me and Lady in my bedroom and the brother, Trixies favorite person in all the world, in his recliner in the living-room.

I expect she will be there off and on all night. Lol! We missed you too, Trixie girl!


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