Count Down!

Three more days til last chemo. Don't know why but I am more nervous for the end than the beginning of chemo.  So silly but I am having nightmares about it. Not one bad dream in the start, go figure!

Monday is bake day. Cakes for the doctors and nurses who took such good care of me! I hope they turn out well!

I owe so much to the professionals that made sure I was as healthy as possible through out the last six months.   With their help my side effects have been minimal.

Bad dreams or not I am looking forward to having my energy levels come back. There has been so much I wanted to do that I just couldn't get done. Thankfully I have help with the apartment. A friend comes in every two weeks to clean and vacuum. It's the cooking that makes me crazy.

I am used to having the stamina to do dinner every night. Even full days of baking for the company bake sales. Or loaves and loaves of bread for the freezer. That is just gone.  Thankfully I have help with that too. Charles, the brother.  His grill is his happy place.  He has a gift.  The dinners he prepares never fail!

When the chemo is over I start the healing process.  I am told that will take a while too. But it starts in three more days! Three more days! Three more days! Three more days!


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