Tarter sauce snob

My stomach craves crazy things after a bout with chemo reactions. Usually it's seafood. Last night it was fried popcorn shrimp with fried okra, coleslaw and green beans.

Not to cast aspersions on anybody but even some professionals get cutesier with the traditional sauces.  Tarter sauce and cocktail sauce.

Today the biggest offender is tarter sauce. I HATE foo foo tarter sauce! Resist the urge to reach for capers or sweet pickle. Not even the staples of our spice rack, garlic or parsley are needed.

Too my mind my moms tarter sauce is perfection. Really. It's a simple, very tasty recipe.  Just 3 ingredients.  One part minced dill pickle. Dill pickle. Not French pickles, not sweet pickles, not garlic pickles and certainly not capers! Then one part minced sweet onions. Not green onions, not pickled onions and certainly not leaks! Lastly one part good mayo.  Now home made mayo works, but that is a lot of work. Use a quality store bought mayo. My advice is find one the most tastes like your homemade mayonnaise. For me that is a southern brand, Dukes.

I have had this rant before but it bares repeating.  Both sauces that arrived with our takeout last night were full of sweets. Yuk! Sweet seafood? Double yuk!


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