One more!

Exactly a week from today i have my last chemo! Happy dance! Happy dance!  Everyone dance with me!

                                      Happy! Happy!  Happy Face!

I have had an easy time of this chemo thing.  Some vomiting and couple hospital stays but all in all I have been very fortunate. The major things were the exhaustion and the lack of appetite. 

I can not wait to be able to bake my own bread again.  I try to use only the best ingredients so I know it is the best I can get.  I have been so tired I just couldn't get it done. 

I am hoping too my immune system bounces back too. The infections I have been getting have added insult to injury. They are usually the reason for an extended stay in the hospital. 

Just looking forward to my normal. Not that my normal would be recognizable as normal to anyone else! Lol!

Only one more!


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