Penultimate chemo day!

Next to last chemo day!!! And the sweet cherubs were out in force! With kindness and a gentle touch the hoardes that came to 'One East' left feeling comforted.

Some of us left with a food craving or two. I myself left craving french fries.  (Found a great recipe for baked fries!).  The lady next to me  could talk of nothing but steak and potatoes!

One cherub in particular was a caregiver named Angel. Lovely, funny and generous, she shared some of the last of her much loved salted caramel coffee creamer. Yummster!

We taked of food and TV.  She knew who Mimmie Pearl was from reruns of 'Hee! Haw!'.  Angel is much too young to have seen it in first runs.

Basically we were just too silly.  We kept the room in giggles.  We are thinking of taking the show on the road. Just to keep all the treatment rooms in stitches. (Get it? Stitches?!?). Lol!!!


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