Several weeks ago. I told y'all about my newest health challenge. Colon cancer.

Since then I have had lots of requests for an update. Well here it is. We did not get it quite as early as we expected. Stage three. Since that is the case there will be six months aggressive chemo. With scans, doctor appointment and x-rays scattered all the way through that time too. Not to mention another procedure to put in a port.

I found out yesterday. Immediately I called Momma and Daddy. I know I have asked such a lot of Charles since this started.  He is worried and worn out. The first thing the folks said was 'where do you need us?'

We both need the support. Until I get stabilized.  So our folks are putting their lives on hold to help us. Moms beloved house plants,400 at last count.  And the volenteer work they do at the zoo.  Not to mention Dads photography, all on hold.

Thank you Momma and Daddy. Love you.


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