Bad language? Another Julia Sugarbaker moment.

Over the years some folks have noticed I try not to use bad language on my blog.  To express frustration I will say 'yikes!' Or 'Rats!'.  For a more emotional expression I use 'Ratsum-fratsum-ratsum-frats!.

Now I will tell you truthfully I have been known to loose my temper and say things I myself do not approve of. Again I work hard to make sure these outbursts are few and far between. I work even harder to be sure I never let it enter my public writings.

In recent years frequency of foul language in our personal speach, our entertainment and our literature has risen at a terrifying rate.  The F-bomb has become the adjective/adverb of choice.

The most disturbing change to me is the willingness of women to adapt the example they set for the next generation. (Do not freak out!  I am well aware that the modern man has begun to be a more involved parent.) Including the type of verbal assault that would have gotten us thrown out of our mothers homes. Think about it. Can you imagine dropping a F-bomb at your mothers Sunday dinner table?

Just thinking about it scares me! Yikes!


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