Southern biscuits

A couple posts ago I told about an old neighbor that made a surprise visit from South America. She is engaged to a nice man here in town. Hence the surprise visit.

While she lived here she tried and tried to make the biscuits she had been eating all over the south. One day she turned up at our door very perplexed.  'Why can't I make biscuits !?" She wailed.

Then we started out getting her proficient in the baking of southern biscuits.  I shared my recipe and technique.  She got it the first time.

Everytime I saw her son afterward he hugged me saying " Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

When she came in Sunday she was bursting to tell me she had made biscuits for her very southern future in-laws.  She was so pleased! They were suitably impressed.

It must be said that the inlaws were very sceptical.  After all southern biscuits are not a staple in her culture.

I was so proud you would have thought I had done it. 🎉


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