The tamer of the terrible teens!

My mom was always aware that her kids were just transport for our sweet teeth.  Love and whole wheat were her attempt to feed us healthy sweets. Whole wheat cakes, oatmeal brownies were not her shining moments.  However one recipe still shines in my memory.

It was a spice cake with a hot caramel gaze. She also made some truly awesome oatmeal cookies, whole wheat and all.  Mom realized the nutritional value of this cake was carried in the molasses, the whole eggs and the spices.

Mom stumbled across this gem at an opportune moment.  In the 1970's our folks had four teenagers growing by leaps and bounds. As well as all the angst that goes with it.

A couple of days ago I found that recipe online. I recognized the photo before I even read the recipe. Mom had clipped it from the same magazine.
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Warm Molasses Cake With Caramel Glaze

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 As easy as it is it can be whipped up on a week night to calm the marauding teens. It was often seved with Dads chili.  The cheese & Jalapeno cornbread also became a staple with this meal.  That explains Charles' addiction to the stuff 😂!


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