Everyday Hero

I have told you of my brother, Charles. In recent weeks I have been reminded what a gift he has been. Not just in this crisis. But in the years since I originally became ill.

I went to live with him in the spring of 2005. Neither of us expected me to with him more than a few weeks at most.  Instead my health tumbled. I became more and more ill.

There nights we didn't go to the hospital were almost nonexistent. Charles refused to leave me in emergency while they spent hours stabilizing me. Up all night he would take me home make sure I was comfortable then go to work. He drove an hour each way and worked 12 hours 7 days a week on little or no sleep.

When he had time off instead of resting he carried me to doctors. Did the shopping.  Did the cooking. The whole time I prayed to recover enough to get back to work so I could give Charles his life back. So I could stop draining him. Draining his energy, his finances and his spirit. Finally, FINALLY a treatment was helping. It looked like I might be able to work again. Sooner than later.

Then the bottom fell out. . . . Again.  Cancer.  I lost it. For days it was terror and tears. I couldn't even think.

Charles found the recommendations for surgeons. He found a doctor I could trust with my life. He made all the appointments.  He took me to the hospital and was there minutes after I woke up.  My everyday Hero stepped up again.

Everyday my brother amazes me all over again. He will never understand how honored and grateful I am. And ever will be.

At this point I should post a portrait of my handsome brother.  Respecting his wishes, I won't.  Instead I will post a portrait of his favorite critters. His babies Trixie and Lady


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