Tv and reading

I grew up with two educational loves, TV and books. I was not good in a lot school subjects. I could read well and I felt I wrote well. However I couldn't spell and math was beyond me.

We didn't find I had dyslexia until I was in my mid thirties. I understood then why books and television were my great comfort and teachers.   (P.S. While I can spell, some, math still alludes me. Lol!)

The internet has opened whole new avenue of knowledge to me but TV and books are still my faves. When it occurred to my that I would be down for a while I began to gather some books.  My most recent readings have been about broadening the one creative outlet that I can manage.  Cooking.

It is a pleasure I thankfully share with my brother, Charles. Occasionally I will snag one of his grilling books for a bed time story. He will ask did you see the recipe for bourbon this? Or chocolate that?  Even better the bourbon chocolate thing-a-ma-jig.

I have a passion for community cookbooks. You know the ones made by the ladies that lunch, garden clubs and volunteer fire departments.  They are full of the stories of the families who shared the recipes.

Currently I am reading an Amish baking book. The Amish are famous for their baked goods.

This book teaches of family and friends sharing the food and insights that make them family and friends.  

Always a good thing to learn.


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