Taking my own advice

In resent days a friend found himself with some down time between jobs.  Knowing the tough times he has been through I advised him spend the time he suddenly had doing the things that build him up.  The things that are building in confidence and heart.

Like him my recent times have been harder than others.  I find I should take my own advice.

Two of the meds I take can have horrible emotional effects and it seems they are.

With that and the uptick in my pain levels I have become quite marose. I have let it wriggle its way into everything I am.  That stops today.

I have to take back who I am. This starts with backing off the meds.  (Yes I discussed this with my dr.).

Secondly I have to find a way to deal with the pain. When these things are done I have to get Mercy back.  I have missed her.

Look out people!  Mercy is outgoing and gregarious.  I like that too.

As my sister says "Sassy!"


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