A little freedom

Taking a little freedom back.  For most of the last decade I have been unable to go anywhere alone.  My inability to drive is one big part of that.  The other part is my wheelchair.

My old wheelchair served me well but he just wasn't adventurous. Big tank on the other hand is ready to ride!

                                                          Big Tank!

Tank and I have been on our first mini trip. About four blocks from us is one of those fancy gas stations. They carry one of just about everything. 

What I love the most are the candy and snack isles.  These gas stations always have the best snacks.  So I made a snack run.  Diet Dr Pepper, Butterfingers and cashews.

Without hurrying I made it there and back in less than an hour.  Yee!  Haw! Now I feel certian if I need something pretty urgently I can make a run to the store. Heck! If i just need a snack, I can get it!

This doesn't seem to impress other people as much as it does me. Who cares.  Just getting out on my own, under my own power is soooooo exciting!

Stay tuned! I will be out and about again soon.


John Curtiss said…
Are you kidding, this is huge!! Whoohoo!!
I am so thrilled for you! Enjoy! Cathy
Mercy Toshach said…
You are so encourageing!
Jazzmine said…
It is totally awesome to reclaim a bit of mobility! I haven't experienced a situation precisely like yours, but I was bedridden for what felt like ages after surgery, and just being able to go down the hallway again after the muscles started healing felt like being on top of the world. Congrats!
Mercy Toshach said…
Thanks Jazzmine! So glad your feeling better!

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