Ipad pics

More bird pics.  Finches galore. . Again.

All the pics you see on my blog are taken on my iPad mini. I bought a bluetooth remote for my dad's ipad when they were last here. I bought one for myself as well.

I set my mini on the window sill in front of the bird feeders.  I can activate the remote from my seat on the bed. As the birds fly in I can take my pictures without scareing the finches away.

I have gotten pictures of the finches, purple and gold, titmouses (?), doves and juncos in the last few weekends.  The chickadee however has eluded me.

Even with the rapdid shutter on the remote the chickadee flies in grabs a beakful of seed and flies off without waiting for his close up. Missed him again.  Rats!

The remote also makes taking videos of the dogs much easier. Lots of fun.  

It still amazes me how well the photos taken on my IPad 


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