Poor Trix!

Poor Trixe has had a bad couple days.  Her neck muscles have been pulled some how.  She is in a lot of pain.

The vet could not tell Charles what may have caused it. The shot she got at the doctors office must have been a good med!  She was zoned out all evening.

Poor boo boo has need of a pain pill.   She will feel better soon.  Now trixie is in whine mode.  A quiet whine that clearly says 'hold me. I feel rotten!'

                 Waaaaa!  Waaaaaa!


John Curtiss said…
I am on those white cell builders and pain pills....and I want to whine too... Poor Trixie!🐶Cathy
Mercy Toshach said…
Yikes! Sorry, i know it hurts and the pills don't work as well as they tell you they will.

Trixie feels better anytime she can curl up in my lap. Wouldn't that be nice!

Hang in there!
Luv ya
Mercy t.

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