On a sesame seed bun!!!

If you read this blog youi are aware that I have certian obsessions with McDonalds.  French fries, fish sanmmies and McRib yummster!

To my mind everything starts with the sesame seed bun 

This burger has a special sauce but no onions on a Sesame seed bun. It is one of Charles' super smoked burgers and my bun.  SOOOOO GOOOOD!!

I tried the whole wheat rolls but the fan fave was the white sesame bun.  Especially with the fish sammies.  Baked instead of fried the fish is very moist

The tartar sauce I use is always the same, my Moms.  Equal parts good mayo, sweet onion minced and minced dill pickle.  Stir together several hours, even the day before the flavors marry.  Living happily ever after!  lol!

Done flung a craving on myself!  Burger  for lunch!


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