Depression = clutter? Sometimes

I have mentioned a few times that I suffer from depression.  I have mentioned it but have not gone into a great deal of detail. I have used my condition to empathize. Or to make a point.  I find i need to expand on the theme.

I have been on an assortment of meds for years.  Six or seven years as close as i can remember. It has been worsened by illness and isolation.  In my case it expresses itself in mess. Clutter. Trash. Just plain unkemptatude.

Every surface covered. The bed unmade. Laundry on the floor. Clean clothes piled on my favorite chair.

 I have been told that at the bottom of most hoarders is an underlying, untreated depression.  By now you are asking why I have chosen to share my darkness now.

Charles has been out all morning. So i called a friend to catch up. While discussing things she mentioned she herself was a suffer.  I commiserated expressing many of the thoughts we have just been discussing.

She laughed until she turned purple. As i may have not mentioned that I am not a great house keeper. I am an abysmal housekeeper in point of fact. I have a very sweet friend that comes every two weeks to help me keep the apartment. But my room has recently been in the no fly zone. It is just too far gone.

So I finally bit the bullet and asked for help. Two of my friends teenagers are coming to help me dig out from under.

Now I don't usually confide these things in the brother.  He is my hero. He works like a Trojan.  Helping me with everything big and small.  Burdening him with more is unkind. 

This whole rant has been a heads up. If you or someone you love lives this way be aware it may be much, much more than just the slob in the family.  


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