Another doctor day.

Went to the doctor yesterday. A few small wins.  The blood pressure and A1C were both good. Also one big win!

A couple months ago my doctor put me on a new med.  It was supposed to be effective on my diabetes.  It was also supposed to help my genetic condition, polycystic-ovary syndrome. PCOS.

Over the years we have tried everything to reverse the PCOS. Nothing worked. The symptoms of this condition are in themselves are horrible.

Menstrual pain. Infertility. Morbid obesity. Female cancers. Depression. AND a mustache that would have made Captain Kangaroo jealous!  All of which I have dealt with at one time or another.  For this reason I really doubted this med would do anything more to help than the other treatments. I said so.

My provider insisted.  I began taking Metformin, 2000mg a day. I didn't tell anyone, not wanting to get any ones hopes up.  Especially mine.

In a few weeks I began to notice 2 things. My mustache was fading away. But the best was my clothes.  Without changing my diet or exercise my shirts and pants became way too big! Still I refused to get excited.  Clothes stretch. So, trying to avoid disappointment, I didn't get on a scale.  Yesterday they insisted! 

In less than 3 months I have lost over 30 pounds. No diet no extra exercise.  Love it!

I am still a little wary. So keep an eye on this blog. I will let you know how it goes!


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