I have told you often of my brothers dogs, Trixie and Lady.  I think I will tell you more about Lady today.

Lady came to us about 6 years ago. Charles rescued her from a local no kill shelter. We think she was abused at one point. She recoiled from anything that may be coming at her from above and still does.  As if someone used to throw things at her.

Later in the first year of her life she was either abandoned or she ran away.  When Lady joined the family she was still a little on the wild side.  ALMOST house broken the new girl took a lot of our time and attention. Our reigning monarch was not amused!

Lady warmed up to me and Charles very quickly.  Queen Trixie, Lady thought needed to be banished from the kingdom!

So our days were punctuated with growls, snarls and spats. Eventually they made a fragile peace.  Trixie still our queen and Lady her reluctant maiden in waiting.

Over the years Lady has become quite a cuddler.  She LOVES to wiggle under the covers.  Once there Lady will clamp down on one of your legs with her front paws. Making sure her people don't leave her.


Even our little Trixie has decided Lady is an excellent cuddle buddy.  Lol! This is a recent occurrence. Trixie still complains occasionally that Lady is too much of  a  cuddler! Our Queen resents sharing her bed with the interloper!  LOL


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