Experiment in cheese cake

A few weeks ago I saw a recipe for pecan pie topped cheese cake. Yummster!

I checked the recipe. It called for a whole pie in the cheese cake, crust and all.  That was not quite right to me.  So I tried a little different tact.

When you bake a pecan pie you get a rich gelatinous filling topped with pecans.  I cooked the exact same recipe in a sauce pot on the stove. This gives you a caramel type sauce with pecans.

After cooling some I poured it over a cooled new york cheese cake.

This is the result!  Now, I got a little heavy handed with the topping, but that is the only thing wrong with this  picture!

The caramel topping  is rich and smooth.  New York cheese cake is always perfect.  So with a few adjustments to the topping we have a winner!

Oh! By the way! I sneaked some bourbon into each part of this cheese cake.  Yummster!


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