Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams are my favorite.  Last night was a really sweet dream.

I have always thought if I opened a restaurant I would call it Amazon Pinks.  After the the pink amazon dolphins. I saw a program on them when I was much younger and have loved them ever since.

In this dream I was finally getting to open a restaurant.  In the early days of planning my dad and I had discussed the decor. I wanted to find Amazonian photos to enlarge.  Bringing color to the neutral base colors.

Dad walked back in as we were deciding the base colors.  He had with him all the photos I had seen in my head.

The birds and animals of the amazon in living color.  A giant portrait photo of a pink dolphin.

It was so pretty. When I asked where Dad found the photos.  He reminded me he and mom had taken a vacation several months ago. They had sneaked down to the Amazon and he had taken the lovely pics for my new place!  

So sweet! Then I woke up. :( I HATE it When that happens!

Mom and Dad. 

Dad is a prize winning nature photo-grapher! 


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