New vocabulary

I noticed recently that the English vocabulary has changed massively in the last few years.  Well DUH! Right?

It occurred to me that none of my grand parents ever even saw a cell phone.  My maternal grandmother, my Mema, was never quite able to master the answering machine much less a smart phone!


The last message she left me went something like this. 

"I hate these machines! Mercy this is your grandmother.  Call me when you can. Thank you.  Forever and ever amen!"

We listened to a lot of Randy Travis back then. lol! I hate to think what Mema would have done with an IM or a text!

Now my maternal grandfather, my Grand-daddy, would have taken to this like a fish to water. Grand-daddy was a tinkerer, an inventor and a shrewd business man.

The only thing that might have slowed him down is the jargon.  Video chats, jpegs, skype, kilobytes, blue tooth or wifi might take a minute for Grand-daddy wrap his mind around.  Then . . .Look out!

I can totally see him in his work shop creating a fishing lure flash drive! LOL! After that?  Why a hand held super computer to plug it into, of course!



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