Memories in a box

Recently my paternal aunts, Ruth and Sissy, consolidated homes.  There were several things that were too precious sell but had no place in the combined home.

A lot of these thing were from my Aunt Sally, my dads third sister.  Though in her working life, as secretary to several American ambassadors, Sally worked all around the world, most of her time was spent in the far east. 

Hong Kong, Singapore but she spent a lot of time in Damascus and Cameroon too. I loved to hear of Sally's  travels. The pretties she shared with the rest of us were always a hit.

Wonderful games and toys, jewelry and fashion, and home decor.  Sissy and Ruth packed boxes of these treasures and shared them with us.

The box that they sent me and Charles had several pieces of oriental ceramics. A bowl made of coconut.  and my fave a small wooden carving of a street vendor.

He carries his kitchen on a yoke over his shoulder. On the right hand side is a ceramic oven under that is his  stool. The left carried his cooking vessels and the like.  I have seen this before In one of my aunts homes but I don't remember which. I have always loved this carving.

It now has a place of honor on the mantel with some of the other pieces.  Isn't it pretty?


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