Lovely morning!

This morning has dawned sunny and beautiful! My joints love the sun.  Last night was a different thing.

It started raining early in the evening. I was ok for a while. Then my shoulder and hip began acting up.  Even in my sleep I was aware nurse Trixie was on duty!

As I stirred in the night I noticed Trixie doing her hot water bottle impression.  First cuddled up on my bad hip.  Later in the night it was my shoulder she was warming.

I am always amazed how intuitive she is. She even imposes her own bed times on me when I am unwell!  Lol!
When she thinks I have been doing too much Trixie will get up on my chest, stare into my eyes. Then she cries and cries and cries and cries. Very effective!

Nurse Trixie enforcing her bed rest orders! 


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