TV Beef

Most of my early culinary education came from my dad with a few significant additions from Mom.  With advent of food TV my secondary education continues.

The recent rash of BBQ shows featuring brisket has inspired another beef experiment.  BBQ chuck roast.

One 4 pound chuck roast injected with clarified butter. 

A smear that includes ancho chili, garlic powder, honey powder, dried parsley, red bell pepper powder, cumin, cilantro powder, chipotle and chili de arbol. With enough clarified butter to make a paste.

Four hours in smoker at 275 degrees.  Hickory chips and a water pan for steam. Basted with the re-maining clarified butter.

 When removed from the smoker it is basted one last time with clarified butter.  Cover with foil for an hour.



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