ANOTHER snake?

Last year this time we had a snake.  A SNAKE!! I got up this morning and had a full on attack of deja' vu!  

I walked into the kitchen this morning and there it was.  A small baby snake.  It was about 5 inches long.  Gray with black stripes, it wasn't as big around as a pencil.

Even though it was small I was in full on 'WHERE is my brother when I need him!' mode.  

As I skittered off to find my cell phone and scream for help, I stopped.  I thought about it and decided to have another look.

Another look?!  Yep.  Fresh out of bed and without my GLASSES, another look seemed like a good idea.

Without my glasses, yepper snake!  With my glasses, oh dear. . . not a snake.   A shoelace. 


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