late start garden

Usually we start our little veggie garden as early in the year as possible. This year was no different.  Sort of.

Late in April Charles loaded his earth boxes with veggies.  Tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers.  For the first time. . .

Soon after that planting a rain storm totally shredded all the plants.  The boxes were almost totally emptied of soil.

Rats!  Got to start again.  Rats!  Rats!

He replanted.  Everything growing nicely.  The storms came again in May, with the same result.  Shredded plants and empty boxes. . .again.

Again just a few weeks ago the brother replanted.  Learning from our mistakes the boxes have been moved to a more sheltered place.  

The garden has sprung up!  These seedlings were planted late in May. 

Wow!  They are full of loads of flowers AND tomatoes.




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