Steak the second

On Monday Charles came home with 3 more rib-eyes.                        The first thought. . . 'dry age experiment again?' 

Thankfully the brother said yes. The plan was to wrap it or as I say mummify it, in cheese cloth for four days then grill it on Friday.

Rats!  No cheese cloth.  It was Wednesday before we got any.  The steaks waited in the fridge until we got some.  Once again my plans are foiled by chance. In the terms of this experiment, however it was a good thing.

Essentially, the steaks aged in the packaging for about 2 days.  Wet aging is actually a thing.  And I think it will be a thing we add to our beef aging  from here on.

On Wednesday I 'mummified' the steaks.  Stowed back away in the coldest part of the fridge, they rested til this morning.

The meat was tender as I have not had.  The flavor is rich, buttery and intense.  Oh my, my ,my!

This we will do again!


Steak, Garlic Toast and Chopped Salad!   Another great steak Sunday.


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